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Grapefruits (Citrus paradisi) are a variety of hybrid fruit developed by crossing a sweet orange and pomelo. The result of this combination is a juicy round citrus fruit than can measure between 4" and 6" (10 - 15 cm) in diameter. Depending on the variety, the acidic flesh can be bitter to semi-sweet..

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In 2019, world production of grapefruits (combined with pomelos) was 9.3 million tonnes, led by China with 53% of the world total. Secondary producers were Vietnam, the United States, and Mexico. What states grow the most grapefruit? According to, Florida is the world's leading producer of grapefruit. Growers in the state.

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In fact, it may be downright dangerous. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice interact with dozens of drugs, 85 at last count and rising. Many of these interactions produce adverse effects; some potentially fatal. A Canadian study in 2012 reported that the number of known drug-grapefruit interactions with possibly fatal side effects grew from 17 to.

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Grapefruit fruits more or less round with a diameter of 10 to 15 centimeters. Most grapefruits are yellow or orange-yellow in color. The pulp of grapefruit can have different colors, often yellow, pink or red, depending on the variety. The pulp consists of many membranous juice sacs which are enclosed in a number of wedge-shaped compartments.

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Ruby Red grapefruits were developed from the Pink Marsh and have a darker and sweeter flesh. You can find white grapefruit varieties known as Duncan. These grapefruits have many seeds but are excellent for juicing. However, Duncan grapefruits are mostly sold to businesses that create grapefruit juice and are seldom sold directly to consumers.

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